About Us

ThingBlu provides managed Business Intelligence technologies to indoor growers to provide operational performance improvements and compliance monitoring to lower operating costs. We are able to do this by applying advanced data management techniques, employing industry-leading cloud hosting services and software from Microsoft, including: Azure Cloud, SQL Server and Business Intelligence services.


Operational Excellence

Now you can put valuable information and insights in the hands of those that can act

Have You Outgrown Your Spreadsheets?

With market pressures on margins, reliance on spreadsheets and labor costs growing you need a partner that can help maximize existing resources, reduce operating costs, and improve yields. We provide consulting services to identify all data sources and processes, we use technology to pull all of your data together and host it to enable a true analysis of what is going on. Turning your data into real Business Intelligence to give you a competitive edge.


High Performance

Our dashboard 'speedometer' tells you your operating velocity in Grams per Hour which allows you to make changes and to predict problems in time to take action.

Going fast requires more fuel, our 'fuel gauge' helps you maximize your capital. We measure operating Cost per Hour . . . along with all of the factors that impact operating cost.

Affordable Pricing

You have spent enough on CAPEX and labor. ThingBlu is a hosted application so you don’t need to spend big $ upfront. No need to stay on top of the latest hardware or software. No need to find specialized expertise or to incur additional labor expenditures. All part of our services.

Transformative Services

ThingBlu’s consulting and hosted services start with...

How We Work

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to identify all data sources, processes and potential hurdles. We then architect a solution to pull this data together through our secured platform where you can access it from anywhere, anytime. We become your IT department in managing the entire process so you can have your data analyzed and provided on demand. Your dependence on spreadsheets is significantly reduced.

Industry News

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Report: Data As Agriculture’s New Currency


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January 27, 2017

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March 15, 2017

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